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Merrell Website Mockup

Merrell is known for their rugged, reliable, and versatile shoe. For this project, I grasped that idea to create a style that better reflects their unique brand. The concept, "Escape the Everyday" relays the idea of not only seizing any adventure that comes your way but being ready when the opportunity arises.

The goal was to create an engaging website that in itself feels like an adventure. Users feel inspired to not only go outside, but explore the site to see what Merrell has to offer.




Branding, Concept, Web Design, UX/UI Design, Copywriting, Typography


School Project

About Merrell and Site Footer
Shoe Shopping List

This website redesign features a collage style of mountains and a city scape to represent the how the same pair of Merrell shoes can take you from a morning hike in the mountains to an afternoon kicking back in the city. The page has been reorganized to feature popular products, shortcuts, a little about Merrell, and a call-to-action to join their newsletter. This web design in itself is an escape of the everyday.