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Great Northern Distillery Social Media Campaign


Great Northern Distillery began its journey with a strong belief in hard work. Due to unforeseen global changes, our goal is to help motivate our loyal customers to stay home and stay sane. To help, we’re showcasing our top-selling products by pairing them with a few helpful tips to stay happy and healthy during these uncertain times. This campaign focuses on keeping it lighthearted with puns and unique drink ideas. Here’s how we can have fun and stay sane while stuck at home.




Concept, Copywriting, Illustration, Typography, and Layout


School Project

Each image post features hand drawn illustrations and original copy loosely based on Great Northern Distilling's current branding and style. The target audience is anyone ages 21 and older, particularly Millenials, Generation X, and anyone who enjoys hand-crafted high-quality liquors.

Using the hashtag "Stay Sane" followers can engage with the post by posting photos of their creative cocktails using Grean Northing Distilling liquors.