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User Experience & Interface Design

If you enjoy weird beers but struggle to quickly find or remember your favoirte brews, the Brew Browser is here for you! Simply type in the beer you’re craving and the app will come up with all the places it’s available to enjoy! The main goal is to connect people with their favorite weird brews and support their local breweries.

This UX app design used real user testing and surveys to create a truly user-friendly and efficient app for all beer enthusiasts. The goals of this app included:

  • What challenges beer enthusiasts faced when looking for unique and unusual beers?
  • What motivates people to buy and try new or unusual beers?
  • Do local breweries and local retailers influence peopel beer buying?
  • How do people learn about new and unusual beers?

This project began with creating a concept, creation of user personas, user flows, determining the Most Viable Product (MVP), and app wire frames. Through user surveys and testing, the app grew to include low-fidelity prototyping, agile iteration, high-fideleity prototyping, and user-interface design.




UX and UI Design, Concept, Layout, Logo Design, Prototyping, Agile Iterationm, and User Testing


School Project

The research methodology included Screener Surveys using Google Forms, Screener Questions, In-person and Virtual User Testing, and User Interviews. Through this testing, I discovered people found researching new beers was a time-consuming process and would benefit from an app that made the process easier and faster. Users shared they enjoy viewing large images along with titles of the beers and breweries when scrolling through the app. The final interface design includes larger clear imagery of beers and breweries and clear hierarchy in typography.