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Experiential & Interface Design

Finding the perfect bike to fit your needs can be an overwhelming process. Whether you’re looking for a casual commuting bike or a custom-made enduro racing bike, there’s a way for you to find and customize the perfect bike for you! The Bike Hub is the an informational digital experience allowing prospective bike shoppers to search and create bikes available at their local bike shop. Bike shops can use the Hub as a way of informing bike shoppers about bikes, bike parts, styles, and more. After finding their bike or parts through the hub, users can save the link and have the bike shop order the bike or parts they need. This is a great way for customers to learn more about biking and support their local bike shops during a time of social distancing.





UX & UI Design, Concept, Layout, Copywriting, Prototyping, User Testing, Typography, and Agile Iteration


Self Directed Project

There are very few to no accessible and all-in-one bike informational hubs available to bike shops and customers. The few that exist consist of very little information or limited options. With this hub/app, bike shops are able to educate new cyclists on bikes and parts, manage inventory, create custom bike builds. The main challenge was organizing a large amount of information in a way that is intuitive to both customers and bike shops.

The main goals of this project included:

Creating an intuitive user- interface for a non-traditional form bike information hub. The app needed to be well-organized and easy for both new and experienced cyclists to use.

Combining utilization with aesthetics to create an engaging user interface. This involved the use of gradients, bright bold imagery, scale contrast, and color contrast between elements based on user testing and feedback.