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CEO & Founder

Meet Linda Kravits

After graduating in 2008 from UW Madison, Linda began working at a local company as a marketing manager. During her time there, she discovered a love for improving business’ marketing plans and strategies. Shortly thereafter, Linda launched Kravits Business Strategies. Today, Linda works with all types of small and medium-sized businesses throughout Madison and the Midwest.


Whether you’re a successful business looking to grow, or a small one on the brink of closing its doors, Kravits Business Strategy will help your achieve your goals.

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Workflow Strategies

An efficient workflow is the key to your businesses success. Kravits Business Strategy streamlines your workflow processes, improving your business from the inside out. 

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Business Marketing

A strong marketing strategy and effective plan are what propel your business forward. Kravits Business Strategy will find the best audiences to market your brand.